Kurt Schwitters' last Merzbau: The Elterwater Merz Barn


The Merz Barn in May


From Friday April 30th Cylinders, the Merz Barn, and the Harry Pierce Drawing Office will be open from 10am to 5pm daily

We are happy to announce that Cylinders, the Merz Barn, and the Harry Pierce Drawing Office will re-open for individuals and small groups from Friday, April 30th 2021, 10am to 5pm daily.

Please observe national guidelines on numbers and distancing, and wear masks inside the buildings.  Children should be warned of hurtful or hazardous plants, and kept away from the ponds. 

Visitors will notice that we have acquired a pair of young peacocks, Lancelot and Pearl.  They are nervous birds, living entirely free, and will take time to adapt to noise or disruption.  Please do not allow children to chase them.  The new hens, however, Rosie, Lulu, and Bella, are friendly and gregarious.  Our beautiful and beloved cockerel, Fortinbras (Forty) died just before Christmas at the age of nearly twelve.  He is survived by his sister Hilde, now rather ancient and rickety but intent on asserting her status as Boss of the Flock..

Cylinders is also a reserve for native animals, birds, fungi, plants and trees.  Keep strict control (short leads) on any dogs so as not to disturb the wildlife, and clean up after them.  Even in the course of art-making please do not pick fungi, flowers, fruit, plants or mosses, climb or damage trees, or make fires, without asking permission beforehand.

peafowl at Cylinders
Lance posing for Pearl

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The site where Kurt Schwitters created his last great Merz artwork

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