Kurt Schwitters' last Merzbau: The Elterwater Merz Barn

Guardian Writer returns to the Merz Barn after a 50 year gap

Guardian Journalist Mike McNay at the Merz Barn yesterday, the first time he has been back since he covered the story of the moving of Schwitters’ artwork over to the Hatton Gallery in 1965, fifty years ago.


Mike McNay, retired Guardian features writer, at the Merz Barn, April 17th 2016

Mike and his wife Sue had not expected to find any activity at the Merz Barn, and was pleasantly surprised to find the site buzzing, with volunteers Tom Branton, Martin O’Connor, and Andrew Rodway helping Ian Hunter to get the timberyard in shape, and a party of 15 student designers from the University of Pforzheim visiting the site, accompanied by Adam Sutherland, the Director of Grizedale Arts.


McNay’s 1965 article in The Manchester Guardian



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The site where Kurt Schwitters created his last great Merz artwork

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