Kurt Schwitters' last Merzbau: The Elterwater Merz Barn


Pavel Büchler outside the Merz Barn, 9.4.16

Sculptor Pavel Büchler at the Merz Barn yesterday discussing ideas for a site specific work to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Kurt Schwitters’ installation in the Barn.

Anyone know where we can get around 70 vintage 100 volt speakers of the kind the artist is holding, preferably with transformers?  Or indeed any such, or similar?  They may be lurking discarded in the cellars of public buildings, railway stations, etc.  Any offers/info to <littoral@btopenworld.co.uk> please.  Will collect!

Author: https://www.facebook.com/MerzBarnLangdale/?fref=ts

The site where Kurt Schwitters created his last great Merz artwork

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