Kurt Schwitters' last Merzbau: The Elterwater Merz Barn

Severe Storm Damage to the Merz Barn Jan. 29, 2016

Last night’s storm tore through Cylinders bringing down trees and branches, and is still raging as I write.  All the windows in the Merz Barn were broken, except for those in the Cake Room, and as it is too dangerous at the moment to undertake any remedial work that means the interior flooding will get worse before it gets better.  The roof of the Shippon has also been damaged.


Storm damage to the Merz Barn, 29.1.16


The skylight has been almost completely taken out.

This is sad, but we will get over it.  The site will be closed to visitors until the storms die down and we can clear the fallen and leaning trees.  Please bear with us!

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The site where Kurt Schwitters created his last great Merz artwork

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